First and foremost, I offer a chance for real connection. I seek out clients who are looking for something genuine, long-lasting and completely personalized. I want to get to know you and what you crave... What do you desire? 

Ask yourself... why do I want to arrange a date with Quinn? What am I looking to get out of this? 

I really invite you to share this with me, so we can be on the same page. I cannot meet your expectations if you don't share them and I have a deep desire to know your intentions behind seeing me. 

I am completely unique, as you are - there are no other humans on this planet who are like us. What can we create together?

Let me in to your secret desires and we can make magic.

I am 5'5" with a natural body, including letting my hair freely grow. I shave a little bit down there, to make it easier for some oral pleasure, but other than that I am a wild, hippie style woman who loves my natural, beautiful body hair.

I have B cup breasts, perfect for a handful to squeeze or rest your head on. A wonderful size to play with and admire. My body is covered in so many beauty marks, accenting my skin and making for a fun art project with some washable markers... ;)

My ass is one of my best features. It's round, jiggly, beautifully shaped and fun to grab or playfully spank! My tummy is soft and nicely shaped with the rest of my body. I have strong, thick legs... all the better to wrap around your head, don't you agree? 

My face is adorable, with a cute little button nose and soft features. My eyes are a light brown that look beautiful in the sunlight and light up when we get to laugh together. My smile is gentle and inviting and I usually prefer a more natural makeup look for my personal style, just accenting my cuteness even more. Finally, my hair is fairly short, ending at my chin, with different shades of brown falling around in waves to frame my face. Over all, I am a sweet, innocent looking lady with a dirty mind that will surprise you.

You can call me Quinn, please. I'll start off by saying I don't take myself too seriously - I love to make people laugh and lighten the mood. Some may describe me as lighthearted, loving to flirtatiously jest and always look for the chance to giggle together.


I try to make sure the company I invite into my space feels warm and invited. I love pleasure and believe it is a sacred and joyous experience to share with another human being... I consider myself to be a sexual healer. We can go on a journey through pleasure together, connect our bodies and minds for a tantric release.

I love to chat and listen - learning new things about people is a passion of mind and it comes naturally to be an active listener! Tell me some funny or interesting stories and I am automatically turned on. I am a creative person who loves music, creating, painting and dance! Maybe we can have our own carefree dance party together? 


I keep my in-call in downtown YYC clean and inviting. As a romantic at heart, I'll always have candles going and some pleasant music to accompany us on our adventure, which is especially nice if you desire a sensual massage on my massage table.

What do I look Like?

Personality and Incall

What I Offer...